Is Goat Milk Formula Safe for Babies?

Is Goat Milk Formula Safe for Babies?

Choosing a baby formula milk is a big responsibility for every parent, especially the new ones, and facing difficulty in choosing the right formula for your baby is another thing that requires information regarding formula milk and then purchasing it to feed your baby with nutrient-rich formula milk. There are a lot of brands available in the market, and a variety of formulas too, like milk-based formulas of two different varieties are available of cow and goat, and plant-based formulas, including rice and soy formulas, have been selling in the market. 

The most widely used milk from ancient times till now is cow milk. Still, despite this fact, numerous varieties of formula milk options are being sold in the market with great qualities. Different companies have manufactured a wide range of formulas fulfilling all the dietary needs of babies. Cow milk is preferable for many parents due to its easier availability in stores and its popularity or recommendations as safe and nutritious milk for babies. 

As cow milk is a popular choice in the US and Europe, it is clear that other parts of the world prefer goat milk as their top choice whenever choosing a formula for their babies. But there are a lot of questions: Is goat formula milk safe for babies? Is it a good choice filled with the required nutrients? Is it a better alternative to cow milk? And does it possess health benefits without causing any problems for infants? This blog contains complete information regarding goat formula milk in detail.


Differences between Cow and Goat Milk


  • Composition:

First of all, the major difference is the composition of both formulas as they have a different composition having both micro and macro-nutrient. Also, they have the structural difference between milk protein and fat, having different levels of minerals, vitamins, and lipids in their baby formulas. 

These compositional differences could be adjusted for every growing baby to fulfill their growth needs and provide them with the closest resemblance to breast milk. Cow milk contains higher amounts of folic acid and vitamin B12. In contrast, goat milk is more enriched with calcium, potassium, and vitamin A, all essential minerals and vitamins. 

To provide the baby with the best growth and development, cow and goat milk is enriched with all the necessary micro-nutrients for formula-feeding babies. 


  • Beta-casein Protein:

The two types of beta-casein protein are found to have in milk named A1 and A2. The beneficial side of goat milk is that it is naturally blessed with an A2 form of protein, with makes it lighter in form, which could be easily digestible by your little ones, and suits the sensitive tummies of infants. In contrast, cow milk possesses A1, which makes it heavier for baby intake. It also causes inflammation in the body in some rare cases. 


  • Formation of Curd:

The proteins in goat milk formula form a soft and digestible curd in the baby's stomach. In contrast, the cow milk proteins form a harder curd that is heavier to digest.


  • Structure of fats:

The goat milk is easier to digest due to the medium-chain fatty acids that are easily broken down inside the body, making the goat milk gentle for an infant's tummy. 

The fat structure in cow's milk contains long-chain fatty acids, which take longer to break down inside the body. Another difference is that goat milk contains essential fatty acids known as omega-6 fatty acids fortified inside the composition. 

In short, goat milk and cow milk has most of the similarity but also have minor differences because goat milk is light and easy to digest, causing less irritation in your baby's tummy.


Goat Formula Milk Ingredients


Goat formula milk is becoming every parent's choice due to its better nutritional value, as it is enriched with all the essential nutrients required by your infant's body to grow healthier. It contains everything: proteins, vital minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids. 

All you need to do is look behind every formula milk ingredients section before choosing it for your little one. The goat milk formulas contain a composition that is quite similar to breast milk. 

We recommend our customers avoid formula milk containing harmful ingredients in their composition, like artificial flavors, preservatives for longer shelf life, corn syrup, and refined sugars. This is why we recommend choosing an organic formula for your baby to ensure your baby's health along with all dietary needs. If you prefer an organic formula, you will be sure it is free from GMOs, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers and is manufactured under standardized conditions. 


Different Types of Goat Formula Milk Brands


Holle Goat Milk Formula: Holle is a popular brand when considering any formula milk; Holle is a good nutritional choice. It was manufactured especially for sensitive baby tummies. Holle’s goat milk formula contains A2 protein and is enriched with all the required essential nutrients like vitamins A, D, and E, along with minerals and fatty acids like DHA and ARA, providing support to your baby's growth and is free from additives and GMOs.

HiPP Goat Milk Formula: It was created as an alternative to the cow's milk formula as it is made up of very mild and natural organic skimmed goat milk enriched with lactose and vegetable oil. Its formation resembles breast milk as it contains prebiotics and probiotics that aid digestion. Despite this, it also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support the baby's brain development, promotes great eye-sight, and are filled with essential nutrients. 

Premibio Goat Milk Formula: This formula helps in the smooth digestion process for babies, and it contains lactose, carbohydrates, vegetable oils, and whole organic goat milk. It is soy and gluten-free and is rich in essential fatty acids (DHA and ALA) and minerals.

Jovie Goat Milk Formula: Jovie formula milk is free from additives, chemicals, and harmful substances and comprises organic goat milk. It is a well-known and popular goat formula milk as it is enriched with all the essential nutrients like prebiotics, Vitamin E, C, and D3, Fatty acids DHA and AA, and is also iron fortified for growing babies stronger and healthier. 


Right Time to Use a Goat Formula Milk for Your Baby


Goat milk formula is not advisable for babies with a family history of milk protein allergy and babies with extreme lactose intolerance. Still, it is gentle and smooth on every tummy, which is why it is favored and is a preferred choice of parents for their little ones. 

The right time to feed your baby with goat formula milk is when your baby suffers digestion problems from cow formula milk, and it is only done with a pediatrician's advice. The circumstances when goat milk formula should be preferable are when your baby is facing constipation, have a sensitive tummy, and have milk protein allergies, and facing a gas problem baby. These are the situations where you can feed your baby with goat formula milk, and we recommend it only with your expert pediatrician's advice of which brand you prefer as an expert opinion for your baby.


Goat Formula Milk- Best Choice for Babies


Infantiz provides the best goat milk formula for babies from almost all popular brands. Still, we recommend it only with the doctor's advice, as breastfeeding is considered ideal and best for your baby at first. The goat milk formulas are safe for infants from the very small stage to the toddler ones. 

Goat formula milk contains all the vital ingredients and essential nutrients required by an infant's body for growth and development. It also promotes healthier brain development and is gentle on their tummies as it is easy to digest and has a lighter composition and enriching nutrients. 


 your baby does not have any kind of cow milk allergy. In that case, a goat milk formula can be the best alternative to a cow formula as it is much gentler on tummies than a cow's milk, has complete nutrients, and tastes similar to the cow's milk formula. 

Goat formula milk can be a choice for the concerned parents who have never chosen any formula milk for their infants and are now in search of a good one with all dietary needs with essential ingredients. It is the best and most reliable choice for almost every baby due to its nutritional value and helps promote a smooth digestion process. 




A goat milk formula is less allergenic than a cow's formula milk. It contains more digestible proteins and fats in its composition. It also contains folic acid, which is good for babies providing sufficient iron to your baby. We recommend our customers always check the ingredients list mentioned on the container or pack of every formula milk to be safer when choosing it for your baby.

Visit our website and place your orders at Infantiz for the best available types of goats and every formula milk for your infant to help your babies grow healthier!

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