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Lowenzahn Organic Baby Formula


Lowenzahn Organics is the producer of baby formula milk, and this company is situated in Germany; aiming to provide little infants with the best choice of organic baby formula that is made with pure organic ingredients. And the products are European certified, building strong trust for parents concerned about their babies. The nutritious organic baby formulae produced by Lowenzahn Organics ensure their quality, and their ingredients are GMO-free. These premium European organic baby formulas are manufactured in a highly sustainable environment through efficient and reliable production methods. 

The best thing about their production methods is that they ensure safety by performing various quality control checks during the making process in order to provide the babies with a supportive growth and development process from birth and onwards. Their organic baby formula is based on cow milk, which is thought to be healthier for babies and is convenient to use for every baby.


Lowenzahn Brand’s History

The history of Lowenzahn Organics is quite interesting as this company was founded by two mothers, Liz and Alice, who were two new moms and were worried about having such limited baby food options available to them. They further decided to get help from an expert infant nutritionist in order to create a variety of balanced baby formulas. They used the method of cutting-edge scientific research. As a result, they came up with a line of baby formulas that were meant to be easily tolerated by little tummies from birth till their toddler age group. 

They were very much passionate about the creation of a different range of baby formulas. By their continuous hard work and dedication, they managed to receive the title of best German pre-milk producer in 2022. They are dedicated to producing high-quality organic baby formula for babies. Their motive is to keep in mind the health of babies, and along with this, they also give much priority to leaving a sustainable environment for upcoming generations.


Organic Ingredients in Lowenzahn Formula

The quality-based products of Lowenzahn Organics rely on every single ingredient used in their products. They make a reliable and careful selection for the range of ingredients to be used in their baby formulas, keeping in mind the health of babies. 

Below is the descriptive section of these ingredients, including the nutritional benefits of each ingredient, making it gentle on baby's tummies and in terms of an infant's nutrition:

Organic Skimmed Milk

The beneficial aspect of adding skimmed milk used in Lowenzahn products is that it contains healthy proteins in order to support your baby's growth and helps in aiding digestion. The ratio on which their baby milk is formulated is a whey-to-casein ratio. The benefit of using organic skimmed milk in the formulation is that it is easily digestible by baby’s tummies. Lowenzahn products make only the use of such milk that comes up to the regulations set by the EU guaranteeing animal welfare.


Lowenzahn organic formulas make use of prebiotics known as galactooligosaccharides (GOS). The benefit of using this prebiotic in baby formula is that it is a sort of dietary fiber that works as a food for gut bacteria, similar to human breast milk, promoting health for babies. Prebiotics influence the microbial intestinal flora, enhance metabolic activities, and improve stool consistency and its frequency. 

Essential Fatty Acids

The organic formulas produced by Lowenzahn contain the required amount of essential fatty acids DHA and ARA. These fatty acids contribute to normal cognitive development and improvement of visual activity in infants. The source from where Lowenzahn collects its DHA is algae oil. This has a mild taste and avoids overfishing and allergens from fish. They provide a balanced ratio of DHA and ARA in their baby formulas, creating a healthy profile for the baby.

Despite the ingredients mentioned above, Lowenzahn products contain other nutritious ingredients like essential vitamins, lactose, and many others to promote sufficient growth in babies.


Nutritional Benefits of Lowenzahn Products

  • Improves growth and development- Lowenzahn manages to produce such organic formulas for babies by using naturally extracted ingredients to help promote growth and development in little ones. This involves the addition of milk proteins, important prebiotics and probiotics, lactose, and much more.

  • Provides Energy- Their formula milk contains lactose in good amounts in order to provide instant energy to babies. Lactose is considered the major source of carbohydrates in formula milk. 

  • Easy Digestible- Lowenzahn formulas contain milk powder made of organic skimmed milk that is taken from cows having low-fat content, making the formula easy to digest by little tummies and even good for sensitive stomachs.

  • Based on best nutritional values- Organic formulas are manufactured on the basis of scientific research, which is why they are high in nutrients and dietary fibers. 


Stages of Lowenzahn Organics Formulas

Lowenzahn Organics offers three different product ranges according to the different age groups for the babies. Every stage formula has its balanced nutritional content. Below are enlisted three different stages of formula milk in detail:

Lowenzahn Stage 1- Infant Formula

The first and the pre-1 stages made by Lowenzahn Organics have been designed for the 0 to 6 months age group in babies as a supplement for breast milk. The carbohydrate used in this formula is only lactose, which has a resemblance to breast milk. Like all other infant formulas, the formulas from Lowenzahn Organics also contain lower levels of iron as compared to further stages.

Lowenzahn Stage 2- Follow on Formula

Stage 2 of Lowenzahn formula milk is the follow-on formula recommended for 6+ months of age. It can be used as a dietary supplement. To make the formula more filling for little tummies, more starch and malt dextrin are added as compared to the stage 1 formula. Just like added carbohydrate content, stage 2 formulas also contain increased levels of iron, which is essential for babies around 6 months of age.

Lowenzahn Stage 3- Follow on Formula

This formula is specifically designed for 10+ months of age group babies and is used along with the diet. It contains higher amounts of nutrients like calcium and Vitamin D, which are important for bones and development. This stage of the formula contains less lactose and complex forms of carbohydrates, which toddlers' digestive systems can easily tolerate.

Reasons for choosing Lowenzahn Organics 

There are a number of specific reasons for choosing Lowenzahn Organics parents in search of a good formula for their growing babies. The reasons are discussed as follows:

  1. The European formula created by Lowenzahn Organics produces high-quality standards-based formulas through the best productive methods like quality control checks and other standards that need to be maintained.
  2. The use of organic pure ingredients in the manufacturing of formula milk as compared to every stage of the formula is designed accordingly with naturally originated ingredients.
  3. One of the best reasons for buying Lowenzahn Organics for your babies and toddlers is that they tend to maintain sustainability practices, keeping in mind the welfare of animals and a sustainable, productive environment.


Every Mother’s Choice- Lowenzahn Organic Formula Milk

Lowenzahn Organics produces good quality organic formula milk according to every age group of babies. They can become the choice for parents who are newbies and even experienced ones if they have a baby who has a sensitive stomach. The numerous benefits of organic formulas produced by them enable you to purchase the products made by Lowenzahn Organics. 

If you are in search of an organic European formula as a parent, then this can become your ideal and the right choice for your babies. Our formula milks are easy to digest and are more nutritious. They are designed by keeping in mind your baby's health and development process along with the sustainable production processes. Visit our website and have a detailed view of every product to get to know more about them and choose which one is best and suitable for your baby.

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