Q: Why should I choose European organic formula for my baby?

The certification from Europe is difficult, or it requires lots of quality potential to get certified. European organic formula is also far better than a US formula because of its manufacturing. It is healthy for babies to eat because it doesn't have any extra sugar or corn syrup, doesn't contain GMOs, and isn't processed with them.


Q: What makes a European organic formula beneficial?

Many European baby formula contains omega-3 (which helps promote healthy growth of soft cell tissues and brain development in babies) and omega-6, extracted from fish oils, making them healthier and beneficial for consumption. 


Q: Where can I search for the nutritional values of your baby formula?

It is easily accessible on our blogs page or in the product description section, along with the key ingredients mentioned and their respective languages of the formula type you will purchase.

Q: Where about the preparation instructions?

According to the baby's growth stage, detailed preparation instructions are well mentioned on each product we sell, along with the correct water ratios to prepare the formula milk.


Q: When is the right time to switch from stage 1 of the formula to stage 2?

Most parents find it ideal for switching to stage 2 formula milk at the age of about six months of the baby because stage 2 has more nutrients required for the baby's further growth, or it may be used as the follow-up formula for the baby, the toddler.

Talk to your pediatrician first for further assistance, as every baby is unique.


Q: What if I need to purchase a big formula stock? Do you have enough of it?

We stock our formula milk directly from the manufacturing companies to avoid inconveniences for our customers. So, you can purchase as much as you want, as we have never run out of stock.


Q: How can I choose the right formula milk?

You may choose the correct formula by keeping in mind the right age of the baby according to the range of age mentioned on each product. Secondly, you have to choose it based on whether your baby needs to have any special formula like any hypo-allergic one. We always recommend our customers first get a consult with their pediatrician before buying any formula milk.


Q: What is the difference between cow and goat formula milk?

The cow milk formula is full of nutrition and is the most commonly used, whereas the goat formula contains a lesser amount of lactose which makes it easily digestible and gentle on the baby's stomach.


Q: What about the storage of the formula milk? Do you safely store it?

We store the formula milks in a cool, dry place free from contaminants. We also ship our formula milk from a cool, moisture-free environment in big warehouses.


Q: Do you have any return policies?

Formula milk is a fresh product based on hygienic values, so we do not take it in return as we assure you the complete authenticity of the product, and by taking it back in return, we cannot check its authenticity or the originality of the product which will put other customers at risk. We guarantee you 100% genuine baby formula.

Q: Why is Infantiz only selling European-based organic formulas?

Infantiz aims to sell highly nutritious and hygienic, so we choose to sell European organic baby formula, as they do not compromise on quality nor contain any GMOs, added sugars, or soy. We want to help parents embrace a good period of parenthood and choose healthy baby options.