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Organic • Soy Free • Gluten Free • Sugar Free • Corn Syrup Free
Holle Stage 1 (0-6 Months) Goat Milk Formula - Dutch Version
Holle Cow Organic Milk Stage
Holle Organic Goat Milk
Holle Organic Goat Milk 3
Holle Dutch Goat Milk Formula Stage 1
Holle Stage 3 (10+ Months) Goat Milk Formula: Dutch Version
Holle Goat Formula Stage 2
Holle Pre Goat Milk
Holle German Cow Formula
Holle A2 Milk Formula Stage 3 | A2 Holle Formula | infantiz
Holle A2 Milk Formula Stage 2 | Holle Bio A2 | infantiz
Holle A2 Organic Infant Formula 1 | Holle A2 Milk | infantiz
Holle Goat Stage 1
Holle Stage 2 Formula
Holle Cow Organic Milk

Holle Organic Baby Formula


Regarding your child's nourishment, Holle Formula is a reliable and exceptional source. In the field of newborn nutrition, Holle baby Formula is highly regarded for its uncompromising dedication to quality and usage of organic ingredients. For parents who place a great value on their infants' well-being and healthy development, Holle organic Formula is the brand to choose because of its extensive history and commitment to maintaining the highest standards.


Establishing a Standard for Infant Nutrition using Holle Formula

By combining history, values, and an uncompromising dedication to giving babies the best, Holle Formula sets itself apart from other companies. With a history spanning several generations, Holle was founded more than eight decades ago. Their legacy is based on a strong belief in the importance of organic foods and environmentally friendly farming practices.

The principle of quality assurance is central to Holle's goal. Because of their dedication to finding the best organic ingredients and maintaining stringent quality control procedures, every product they produce is of the greatest caliber. Their commitment to providing kids with safe, nourishing formulas aligns with their commitment to quality.

One brand that stands out for putting infants' health and well-being first is Holle Formula. Holle sets the standard for infant nourishment that parents can rely on for their little ones with an emphasis on organic farming, a dedication to natural and pure ingredients, and a profound regard for tradition. In the world of baby formula, this brand is still shining as a testament to quality and security.


Holle Formula Range: Nutrition for Every Developmental Stage

Holle provides a selection of baby formulas, each designed for a certain developmental stage of the baby. Below are thorough explanations of a few of their most important products:


Holle Stage 1 Formula (0-6 Months)


  • Perfect for babies up to six months old.

  • Formula that is mild and easy to digest.

  • Foundation of organic cow's milk.

  • Rich in vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


  • Similar to breast milk, it facilitates a smooth transition.
  • Encourages normal development and growth throughout the crucial early stages.


Holle Cow Milk Formula Stage 2 (6 Months and Up)


  • Appropriate for infants six months and older.
  • Serves to enhance the introduction of solid foods.
  • Base made from organic cow's milk.
  • Maintains the provision of vital nutrients.


  • Facilitates the switch to solid food.
  • Guarantees that growing babies have a balanced diet.


Holle Cow Milk Formula Stage 3 (10 Months and Up)


  • Suitable for infants aged ten months and above.

  • Includes a combination of cereals and organic cow's milk.


  • Encourages a more varied diet.

  • Gives the nourishment required for this developmental stage.

Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 1 (Birth to 6 Months)


  • It is ideal for newborns to six months of age.

  • Produced from organic goat's milk.

  • Easily digested.


  • For those who are sensitive to cow's milk, this product serves as an alternative.
  • It gives babies the nourishment they need.


Stage 2 Holle Goat Milk Formula (6 Months and Up)



  • Helps in transitioning to solid foods.
  • Perfect for newborns that like goat's milk or babies with sensitivity issues.


Organic farming practices are followed in creating every Holle Formula product, which is made with the greatest care. They are made to promote your baby's health and well-being at various phases of their early development and are devoid of hazardous ingredients. The Holle Formula stage that best fits your child's needs will depend on your consultation with your pediatrician.

Every Holle baby Formula product is carefully designed to satisfy the unique requirements of infants at various stages of development. They are all created with premium, organic ingredients and don't contain any harmful additives, giving your child the healthiest nourishment available.


The Purposeful, Organic, and Natural Approach to Your Baby's Health

Holle Formula milk is committed to using only the purest and most natural ingredients to support your baby's health. Our organic baby formulae from Holle, which sets the benchmark for infant nutrition, are made in Europe. It includes both goat milk formula and cow milk formula. We recognize that nothing less than the best will do for your priceless child.

When it comes to Holle's infant formula, no chemicals or preservatives are used during production. It is the only usage of unprocessed raw materials from organic or biodynamic agriculture. Holle, a globally renowned infant formula manufacturer, takes pride in providing your growing child with the exact nutrition he needs during these crucial early months of life. Holle holds a certification from Demeter Standards, the first organic label for food and the largest certification for biodynamic agriculture.


Nutritional Support at Every Stage

Holle Formula meets infants' changing nutritional demands as they grow through the early childhood and toddler years. Our range ensures that your child's specific needs are met at each stage of growth, from Holle Stage 1, which is perfect for newborns with its gentle and easily digestible formula, to Holle Stage 2, which complements the introduction of solids, and Holle Stage 3, designed for older infants with a more diversified diet. 

For babies with sensitivity or those who prefer goat's milk, Holle also provides substitutes such as Holle Goat Stage 1 and Holle Goat Stage 2. With Holle, you can feed your baby with confidence, knowing that it is appropriate for their age and developmental stage.


Trusted Source for Safety and Quality

Holle Formula guarantees parents satisfaction when they choose our brand because we maintain an unwavering dedication to the highest quality and safety standards. Every stage of the production process, including the use of organic ingredients, is painstakingly examined to ensure that it meets our exact requirements. 

Our formulae are produced precisely in Europe, adhering to strict laws, and are certified organic. They also don't contain any dangerous additives. With decades of experience and a commitment to quality and safety, Holle is a dependable and trusted option for parents all over the world who know they can count on us to give their children the best care possible.


Openness and Trackability

Holle Formula goes above and beyond to provide traceability and transparency across its whole supply chain. We are transparent about where our ingredients come from, how we farm, and the meticulous steps we take throughout manufacture to guarantee quality and safety. 

Parents can make educated decisions and have confidence knowing that every Holle product is the outcome of careful attention to detail and strict quality control due to this commitment to transparency. In the field of infant nutrition, Holle Formula is a mark of dependability and credibility, ensuring parents that their infants are receiving the finest start possible.

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