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Lebenswert Bio Formula

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Lebenswert Bio Formula


Lebenswert Bio is a popular organic baby formula that can become a smart choice for parents who have been in search of a formula that is suitable for their little one's tummies. This formula is based on cow's milk and is certified by the European Union as an organic baby formula. Lebenswert Bio holds the label of Bioland, which is a private European organic certification association that has set some specific standards for every baby formula defined by the EU.

These formulas have been designed to have the base of skimmed cow milk that is easily digestible and has been taken freshly from organic farms located in Germany and Australia, following the strict guidelines made by the EU. The organic formulas manufactured by Lebenswert Bio possess numerous key benefits like:

  • It contains higher nutritional values because it is based on its organic nature, making parents aware of its nutritional content for their babies.
  • Organic formulas by Lebenswert Bio Brand are easily digestible by infants due to their organic nature.
  • The formula also aids in supporting animal welfare and ensures a sustainable environment.
  • It is designed accordingly for every baby’s growing age in order to support their healthy growth and development process from birth onwards.
  • This organic formula milk has a number of well-adjusted nutrients in every stage of baby formula for the better development of little ones.


The History of Lebenswert Bio Formula & Its Values

Lebenswert Bio is the creation of reputable baby formula and baby food manufacturers known as Holle. It is one of the finest and leading manufacturers of baby formula milk, having 85 years of experience. Lebenswert Bio was established in 2009 by the top-quality European organic baby formula-producing company Holle. Holle has been well-known for the production of premium baby food-related products. Its respective brand, Lebenswert Bio, has been along with them in keeping this tradition alive and producing nutritionally rich organic baby formulas and baby foods, keeping in mind the growth and well-being of little tummies. 

Lebenswert Bio is certified, possessing a Bioland certification label on it while standing out with other top-quality organic baby formulas in comparison of setting up a standard of excellent production of such baby formulas having complete and high-level of infant nutrition all over the world that is considered as a reason of satisfaction for every parent.

Lebenswert Bio commits to every parent that it will only be producing top-quality baby formula milk that is organic and gentle on their little one's tummies.


Essential ingredients in Lebenswert Baby Formula

European Union gives certain specific ingredient requirements for the company’s manufacturing organic formulas. They have regulated that at least 95% of the ingredients of a baby formula must be from an organic source. 

The quality of the ingredients in a Lebenswert Formula is that all the ingredients are grown without any chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, and herbicides. There aren't any artificial flavors or added preservatives in the formula.



Lebenswert organic formula is prepared using skimmed cow's milk produced on organic standards. The Bioland Association has set some standards for organic farming, having some of the requirements for animal welfare. Organic cow's milk is good for a baby's growth and developmental stages. It is gentle on tummies, even on sensitive ones. 



European formula produced by Lebenswert Bio contains a mix of three vegetable oils: palm oil, sunflower oil, and rapeseed oil. The benefit of using these organic oils is that they make your baby formula have a balanced ratio of fatty acids and other important micronutrients that are required for optimal growth and bone development.


Health Benefits of Lebenswert Formula

  • Gentle on tummies- Lebenswert Bio produces a line of formulas that are lighter and gentle on tummies, along with having a complete set of balanced nutrients essential for babies.
  • Higher nutritional values- Their baby formulas contain higher nutritional values as they are enriched with all the macro and micronutrients based on EU regulations.
  • GMO-free- Lebenswert Bio makes a range of organic formulas that are GMO-free and free of any chemicals and preservatives, making them healthier for consumption by little ones.
  • Easily Digestible- The organic formulas by Lebenswert Bio are easier to digest by babies from birth onwards as they are formulated on quality-based standards.
  • Improves metabolic activity- These formula milk are known to fight with bacteria, making your metabolism stronger and having a good immune system. 

  • Stages of Lebenswert Bio Formulas


    Stage 1- Organic Infant Formula

    The stage 1 formula by Lebenswert Bio is made to be used from birth to 6 months of age babies as a substitute for breast milk. It is manufactured by using a single source of carbohydrate known as Lactose, similar to breast milk.

    Stage 2 & 3- Follow-on Formula

    These stages are follow-on formulas and are prescribed to be used once your child has started weaning on a diet. The stage-2 formula is designed for babies of 6 months, whereas the stage-3 formula is good to be given to babies who are 10 months and up. The amounts of iron and minerals in stages 2 and 3 are higher in amounts as compared to stage 1. 


    Ingredients in Lebenswert Formula 

    In comparison to the ingredients mentioned above, these are the ones that are the reason behind nutritional values in baby formula and why they are crucial for a baby's development.

    Lactose- It is a form of carbohydrate that is present in a Lebenswert baby formula but differs in every stage. Like in the infant stage, it is only Lactose, whereas a follow-on formula has starch and malt dextrin as a source of carbohydrate to provide energy to your baby and improves the texture of the formula.

    Iron and Minerals- Adequate amounts of iron and minerals are essential for an infant's development and nutrition. Lebenswert Bio formulas contain good amounts of iron and minerals to support an infant’s nutrition, like Calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride required for bone development. 

    Vitamins- Lebenswert Bio contains all important vitamins like Vitamin C, D, and E that help in preventing vitamin deficiencies and are required for growth.

    DHA and ARA- These are two essential fatty acids that are found in a Lebenswert Bio formula, and a proper amount of fat content is very much necessary for your little ones.


    Why you should choose a Lebenswert Bio Organic Baby Formula?

    The certain reasons for choosing a Lebenswert Organic Formula for your baby are defined below:

    • One of the major reasons is that it contains organic skimmed cow milk that is gained from organic farms in Germany and Australia and follows the strict guidelines set by the EU. 
    • It possesses the Bioland certification that ensures that its baby formulas are made with pure organic ingredients.
    • Lebenswert formulas are made with environmental sustainability and animal welfare under specific organic standards.
    • Supports your child's growth and is enriched with specific nutrients needed for the developmental growth phase in babies. 


    Lebenswert Bio Organic Formula- The Best Choice for all!

    The use of organic ingredients in a Lebenswert Bio Organic baby formula and its complete adherence to the strict regulations and certification requirements makes it an ideal choice for parents who want to feed their babies with the nutrient-rich and healthier organic formula to have a kick start in life. 

    You can easily choose a Lebenswert Bio formula according to the age group of your babies, and this way, your little one can be fed with a sufficient amount of nutrients more healthily. The correct dosage mentioned on the product can be helpful for you to learn more about every feed. Buy now and have guaranteed peace of mind for your baby's health. 

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