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Ensuring healthy babies for happy Moms!

Infantiz provides original and authentic baby formula from well-known European-based products with promising quality and premium organic formula that helps your baby grow healthier and take essential nutrients that the babies require. We provide you with a smart category of choices so that you may binge on what is best for your baby.

We provide a wide range of popular European baby formulas for sensitivity to allergic tummies. We are in Germany, but now expressing our delivery services for all of the USA citizens who lack European products and rely on American ones.

Our concept behind European baby formula milk is to provide you with the right option or the products that originated directly from their manufacturing companies, so the products sold are fresh and have a longer shelf life which is the key concerning point for every mother when it comes to their babies. 


Providing certified and a GMO-free baby formula

Infantiz is concerned about your baby's health by providing you with European formula for your babies that are organic and made from ingredients that are grown on soil, free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, whereas we are serving you formulas from the world's most popular brands that are known for their authenticity and the substances added in it does not contain any GMOs which means this is the safest and secure formula that you can rely on for your little ones. 



There are various popular European brands that we are working with to help parents in selecting the right formula for their babies. The brands that we offer are:

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At Infantiz, our mission is to sustain our name with 100% original products as well as provide European baby formula milk to USA citizens. Also, because they have been lacking European brands by their side, we have the solution for them and promise an on-time delivery to our customers.



We aim to deliver 100% original and all the European-based popular brand's formula milk for your infants till the above ages of growth as these milk contain lactose, an essential element for every baby.




  • Honesty & Integrity

We deal with full honesty to our clients and try to come up to their expectations by following all the ethical principles. 

  • Quality

We have set our quality standards to meet customer demands. Infantiz works on European products with the best quality and authenticity.

  • Care and Support

We care for your baby's health, and we are there to support you all the way possible by providing complete guidance about what you choose for your baby is the best option.

  • Accountability

We are dedicated to providing you with on-time delivery of products with reasonable pricing to make your experience with us satisfactory.