European Baby Formula vs. American Baby Formula

European Baby Formula vs. American Baby Formula

The toughest decision a parent needs to make for their infants is to find the best formula milk for the baby. There are a variety of milk formulas available in the market. Still, the thing is, what to choose among those huge varieties of different formula milk? And which one is the best for our infant? There is a checklist that has all the key components by which it becomes slightly easier for parents to choose the best formula milk for their baby. 


Key Components of a Formula Milk

Good formula milk that has to be chosen for your baby must have the following:

  • Use of the ingredients that are essential to promote the baby's health.
  • Complete set of nutrients in order to help a baby grow healthier.
  • Look out for the quality of raw materials used in it.
  • Organic formula that is free from GMOs as compared to other synthetic products.
  • Formula milk should be purchased according to the right age of the baby as every milk is manufactured according to the age group. 

These are the few components that are mentioned above. Every formula milk is different from the other, and every brand has its unique perspective on manufacturing formula milk for babies that can benefit their health and growth.


Preference for a European Formula over USA-Based Formulas

Many of you might be giving European-based formula milk to your babies from the start. In contrast, many of you have switched towards the European brand from the USA-based formula milk. You might be thinking about the reasons for this preference and a formula that is taking the place of USA-based formula milk that has been in use for centuries. 

As all of you know that parents are curious about feeding their babies with the best nutrient-based formula milk in contrast to feeding their babies with something that only provides flavor instead of promoting health.

This is because the formula milk made in the USA is manufactured using synthetically derived nutrients like vitamins, minerals, etc. In contrast, European-based formulas are made with nutrients derived from natural sources. They are chemical-free formula milk, the best feature of European-based formula milk. 

The biggest noticeable difference between the European-based formula and the American formula milk is the quality and use of premium ingredients in manufacturing the European formula milk; these quality-based ingredients like vitamins and minerals are so much real that they can't be taken with diet. If breastfeeding isn't an available option due to other factors, this can become an ideal choice for your baby. 


Qualities of European Formula Milk

The premium quality of the raw materials is used in manufacturing the European formula milk, which automatically becomes the basic reason for the European formula to become a popular choice for parents to choose for their babies. Different formula milk-making companies need permission to manufacture formula milk and to apply milk from cows that gaze on pasteurized grass to ensure that they are enriched with higher protein content than other dairy products. Whole grains are likely to be used in European plant-based proteins resulting in a formula enriched and loaded with nutrients. 

European formula milk is every parent's choice over the USA-based one due to another major reason, which is the use of sterilized equipment in manufacturing the baby formula milk. European Formula Milk claims to release the final product making completely sure that any sort of bacteria does not enter the product as they possess the specialized equipment to complete the whole procedure of bringing out the product that is free from contamination and any sort of bacteria that minimizes the chances of an unhealthy product and makes it healthier for your babies and can give parents complete peace of mind about what they are feeding to their babies is good for them.


European Formula Milk Is Enriched With Organic Ingredients

A striking feature of the European formula milk that can grab parents' attention towards purchasing this product for their babies instead of USA-based formula milk is that the European formula is labeled with organically grown ingredients or can be defined as a GMO- free product consumed by the babies. Both formula milk might contain some of the chemicals, but this can be avoided due to the reason that there are such chemicals present that are man-made and can't be as much harm as the synthetically derived ones. 

Since then, you can avoid chemicals from your baby's diet by looking out for European formulas, as they have minimal use of chemicals because the ingredients are taken from natural sources. You can also go for the formula that contains minimum artificial ingredients. 

  • The European-based formula milk contains two essential key ingredients: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA). That makes the parents feel good and satisfied while feeding it to their babies, and the use of DHA is optional in the USA, so this also makes the European formula a smart choice for babies. 
  • Another enriching feature of European-based formula milk is that it is loaded with prebiotics and probiotics, which can promote a baby's health by promoting the baby's beneficial gut bacteria that aid digestion. 
  • European-based formula milk is also free from artificial preservatives; hence they are produced with pure organic, all-naturally derived, and safe ingredients.


 European Formula Milk Is Made Accordingly

Another beneficial side of European-based formula milk is that they are made with age-specific stages formulas, especially for infants that need specific nutrients for healthier growth. They are properly classified according to the age-specific and infant developmental stage compared to the American formulas that come in one size claimed to be fit for all. Some age-specific European formulas are generated as per the child's growth needs. 

For each age group, a formula is designed with an added amount of nutrients because the nutritional development keeps increasing as the baby's age increases. According to each age group, a balanced amount of nutrients are found in European formula milk, like fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals. They have a focus that an infant is not able to digest the heavier amount of nutrients before getting into the toddler phase of growth. 


A European Formula Keeps On Updating

The guidelines provided by the European government for the manufacturing of formula milk for babies keep on upgrading and updating according to an infant's nutrition on a yearly basis. In contrast, the American formula milk guidelines were generated at once that were established centuries ago and are being implemented today without increasing the nutritional values according to the modern era of today's generation. 

This is why European formula milk has successfully built and set up a higher level of milk formula standards as they have been updating themselves continuously compared to the American standards, which have been set once and will now be implemented so far. 


A Leading Brand of European Formula Milk

HiPP is known as Europe's leading brand when it comes to European formula milk. In contrast, Holle is a widely popular formula milk that is being fed to babies in Switzerland. Both of these European formula milk has been certified as organic baby formula. These brands have been considered the oldest manufacturers of European formula milk and hence have become trustable brands for parents for a long time. 

The best thing about these two brands in producing formula milk is that they only allow the usage of organic ingredients for their products. Each of the final batches is tested for quality control to ensure the quality of the final product before sending it to the packaging department. These are the most affordable products of European-based formula milk that parents can feed their babies in combination with the quality products consumed by the babies without any serious concerns.



The European formula is very well identified, is manufactured with safe, natural ingredients, and is free from GMOs; these features make it better for infants and babies of growing age than American-based formula milk because the nutritional values are complete in European formulas. They are manufactured in highly sterilized clean rooms with clean equipment, making it even safer for babies and giving the parents a feeling of satisfaction while feeding them to their babies. Infantiz is a widely growing brand popular for selling European-based formula milk products as we promote babies' safe and healthy growth as one of our top priorities. We have set competitive market pricing for parents who do not want to compromise on their baby's health and want to feed their babies with all the essential nutrients.

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